There are 3 characters of Aqua Finance which are Seal, Octo, and Starfish.

Aqua Finance
2 min readNov 24, 2021

Three main characters of AQUA Finance
Firstly, SEAL… a big mammal that lives in our deep sea!
Even Seal is a big animal, but totally it’s cute!
Our lovely SEAL come up with minisize, slow time, and shield.

Secondly, Octo… a fashionable squid of our Ocean World! You can see at her yellow sun glasses that is a new collection from this ocean world. Her weapons are pillar, slow time, and god mode. With many of her hands, Octo can do many things at the same time, so she is one of good character that you should not miss to be own!

Thirdly, Starfish… a smallest character in the sea! He’s hero of the us, Oceaner. More than his super small body, he has shield, god mode, and pillar that are his personal weapons as well. You do not have to be worried about anything in our deep sea. If you own starfish, he will be protected you from enemies and every obstacles.

There are 7 more characters that I did not mention here. You guys can meet to know them under our ocean world through I am sure that you must love all of our characters. Don’t waste the time guys, let’s goooo!!!

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Aqua Finance

Aqua Finance (or shortly AFI) is a community driven, group of believers, and fair launch DeFi token to promote equality within the community