Spooky night with SEAL HALLOWEEN Edition!

Aqua Finance
2 min readNov 1, 2021

Trick or Treat?

Halloween party is here! What do you guys plan to wear tonight? Aqua Finance also wants to announce that the special campaign for this Halloween is extended! It’s now from 28 October — 7 November, 2021. We understand that the gas price for ETH is quite high, so we want everyone to have a chance to get it at the right time when the price is fair enough.

The catalog for Aqua NFT is currently on “https://opensea.io/AquaFinance” Once you click on it you will see the loooongggg list of our other different collection NFT and the Halloween special edition will need to scroll down for a bit. All the NFTs were drawn by Puffer, our team! This campaign we give away the famous PS5 that everyone is craving for! Well…there is something to follow, in order to have a chance to earn this PS5. If you have at least 250,000 AFI in your wallet you can claim your chance to earn PS5 with us after you have owned our NFT. Don’t be sad if you don’t have your $AFI ready in your wallet. It is very simple to get some for you. Simply follow:

1. Go to exchange on Pancakeswap

2. Copy token contract 0x30dfdefe4b5c2ef1bcb82fd1d6e62f9a8580a05a

3. Paste the contract and Use BNB to swap

4. Swap to AFI coin — GOT IT !!

And that’s just a few $$ to earn a chance to get the new PS5! It is quite a rare item right now.

What a spooky halloween this year! I hope you all enjoy your NFT shopping and get lucky with this campaign!

See you in the next medium!

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