“If you invested $100 in Aqua Finance at launch it would be worth over $6000 at our All-time high point”

It was indeed a battlefield with bots these days. Since the first second we got a few bots joining. But trust me…we have tried and will continue working on developing our products.

At launching time, there is a bit of confusion in our community. But we hope you understand that what we did yesterday, we tried our best to secure our coin for just our holders. First, we announced that our coin will be $AQUA just to get that name out of the scene, but later our team changed to “AFI”, with that we able to confused some of them….we have to admit that there are so many intelligent bots that keep their eyes on our community and did manage to a bunch of the tokens from us at first, as you can already see from the peak point!


If you closely look at our graph (https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x30dfdefe4b5c2ef1bcb82fd1d6e62f9a8580a05a), we start with fair launch and not even our team get any AFI before the launch time.

Let’s do the math….this is a quick view of our growth and trend that was quickly went up! This is just for our community and our believers. Let say…If you invested $100 in Aqua Finance at launch it would be worth $6000 at our All-time high point. That is INSANE!

From our community side…we have Thailand and international group and because of clubhouse and all the public groups that mentioned our name we gain over 2,000 members in just a few hours for Thai community.

Thank you all again for the kind support!

This is just a quick overview from our first day and there are many more to come ! stay tuned!

Stay safe everyone!



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Aqua Finance

Aqua Finance

Aqua Finance (or shortly AFI) is a community driven, group of believers, and fair launch DeFi token to promote equality within the community