How to play Flappy Seal! 🎮👾

Aqua Finance
1 min readNov 15, 2021

🔶Firstly, you must have AFI tokens which are available to swap on PancakeSwap and do not forget to set the slippage at 12%. (

🔶Next, you have to apply for an account by registering your username and password and then connect the wallet to bind the game id with your wallet address. (

🔶Then you have to buy a ticket at the marketplace with 10,000 AFI. After that, you can play Flappy Seal. 😊

🔷Guys, who just join our TG and do not know about our play to earn game. You can see more detail on our AQUA Tuber at

Moreover, this is a video step to reach through our Flappy Seal Game ▶️

☺️By the way, if you’re still wonder and not clear, we are please to answer your question. :)

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