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2 min readNov 3, 2021

It’s the beginning of festival time! Well, just a few days ago we just celebrated Halloween day on the 31st October. Magic winter is approaching and Christmas is just around the corner! Who else is looking forward to that? We’re pretty sure that this year will be more fun than last Christmas as the global pandemic seems to get better and more countries are starting to open up the border and be more flexible with quarantine and international flights.


Well, let’s get to our news & update! It is now November and there is so much exciting news to be announced. First of, our SEAL Collection that just announced on Halloween day is now available on #OpenSea…This time we have a good mix of Halloween costumes, international food, snacks and Thai desserts. With every purchase, buyers will have a chance to win the PS5! — but you will need to have at least 200,000 AFI in your wallet.

Second, “Flappy Seal” is still going strong under the ocean. Right now, more and more players have experienced our Flappy Seal. Many of our readers might already know that Flappy Seal is “Play-to-earn” type of game under Aqua Finance, where players will need to spend $AFI and $CEA as the token to purchase extra items and power up your characters. This game can be very addictive and leads to hot-head-syndrome where you can get a little moody after a few games. Therefore, we suggest everyone to take a rest as well. This game we have the “PVP” mode, where each audience can choose their favorable team and make a bet. If their bet is correct, they can later earn something back into their wallet! This is amazing right? — Our team also organize a lot of live streaming for PVP Mode, feel free to follow us on #facebook and get all the updates from our page.

Quick update! — our community is now more than 3,000 members! This is insanely more than we expected! Thank you so much everyone for being part of Defi Family and being an Aqua Finance Community. We promise that we will keep doing our best to make the community thrive!

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