Halloween under the sea! FREE PS5 Give Away!

Aqua Finance
2 min readOct 25, 2021

News update! This Halloween will be so spooky!

This upcoming Halloween we will celebrate here under the ocean with FREE PS5 for a little fun!

Starting with our NFT story. We have been developing and creating Aqua Finance NFT for a while now. This Halloween we will launch the newest collection which of course is going to be the “Halloween” Collection!

Our main character this time will of course be “SEAL”.

SEAL, a main character from our Flappy Seal. It’s time to turn SEAL into an NFT Collection with the idea of a healthy appetite aquatic-mammal which lives in the cold sea, and possesses thick layers of bubbler. These collections represent SEAL with fruits, food, snacks and traditional dessert. There are 100 unique NFTs which I hope all of you should try at least once in your life. With this collection we gather all the famous food, dessert and halloween outfits to be in this campaign to attract food lovers and party lovers to choose some pieces in your collection.

Now, it is time to know how you will get a free PS5 from us! Quite simply, you will first need to have at least 200,000 AFI in your wallet to claim your PS5 with us after you have owned our NFT. We have many designs and not only SEAL will be featuring with our NFT Collection but all characters under Aqua Finance will be joining.

Stay Tuned for more updates on our community and our facebook page. You won’t miss any updates if you are part of the community!

Find more about Aqua Coupon here: https://coupon.aquafinance.live

Enjoy your shopping!

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