Aquarium Land — AQUA mini game (Part 1)

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2 min readJul 11, 2021


Aqua Finance is not only for investors but for everyone. Since May, Aqua Finance has gained a lot of experience and has developed a lot of progress under our roadmap that we promise our community with several ideas.

Up until now, we have more and more partners to support the Aqua Finance Reward Campaign for $AFI holders (see the website for more information). We are also working on our charity campaign and still keeping our eyes open for the community or hospital who are in need of support.

Last article we announced our new token “CEA”. There are many possible use cases for CEA options and one of them is using CEA to get Aquarium Land items.

What is “Aquarium Land” in the first place and how is it related to CEA, the new token? In this article, we will dig into this topic.

Aquarium Land, launching out at the same time as Ocean World. It will be our approach to increase AFI use cases through a portal of mini-games and tournaments for AFI users to play. Each game will have a very simple premise: become the player with the highest high score at the end of the day. In order to play the mini-games, holders have to use AFI to pay for in-game currency known as “PEARL” ! The Pearl will be used as life points where each holder will have a set of life points for each mini-games. Currently the price for 1 Pearl is 100 AFI.

The reward for playing these games will be in AFI where every time a holder uses AFI to buy pearls, the AFI will be put into a single prize pool known as the Aquarium Reward Pool.

Everytime you exchange from AFI to Pearl (AFI → Pearl), the AFI used to buy the Pearl will be divided into 3 pools in the following equation.

  • - 40% will be put into the reward pool
  • - 50% will be reserved for the next day as the initial pool
  • - 10% will be sent to warchest for initial pool safety deposit.

There are a lot of details for the next part, so we better keep it short and sweet for our medium article. We will come back with our second part in the next Medium! See you there.

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