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2 min readOct 20, 2021

Let’s take a look at our marketplace that is currently applicable in Thailand. This is one of the biggest crypto marketplaces available in Thailand. With the Aqua Coupon platform, it is where you can use your stable coin to buy the item you need. Aqua Coupon has a wide range of products and services for you to use from Products to accommodation in the southern part of Thailand. Thailand has already reopened for foreigners to visit the country, you can also check with the official website and get some of the $AFI to get all these special deals that are currently available in Aqua Coupon.

Currently, there are more than hundred deals available from our partners and we will not stop just yet. Our team is still working on gaining more partners and special deals for Aqua Community. Some partners have noticed us by the growing number of communities and some keep contacting us through our social media channels that we have. We aim to be the top platform for crypto e-commerce. In Aqua Coupon you can pay us with your stable coin, it doesn’t need the coin under Aqua Finance. We will soon develop our platforms as our team is still working on the improvements to make it more friendly to both partners and users.

With a growing number of communities and holders, we believe that sooner than later we will be able to seek deals outside of Thailand, so we can expand our clients and go forward with the plans that we have for Aqua community. With that, there will be more choices and more brand joining, it’s all going to benefit the community!

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